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Owego Pennysaver Readers' Column

The crazed, the concerned, and the just plain confused. They all find a forum in the Owego Pennysaver Readers' Column. Every week, citizens with high peeve-to-life ratios call in their nits to the bitch line. Some of the more ridiculous and sublime entries are reproduced below. All typographic, syntactic and logical errors have been preserved for your reading pleasure.

Entries from 1996-2000 can be found on the "Your Two Cents Worth" page.


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I just wanted to take time to ask the community if they know what some of their kids are involved in. There seeems to be a major problem of some kids involved in the witchcraft culture. I am told this is in parts of the Owego area but this is a major problem in the Apalachin area. These groups all seem to stick together, some of them are known as cutters. Please take the time to know what you kids are actually doing.


Even after the bike/truck accident in the Town of Newark Valley there is still a gang of boys on bikes in the Village of Newark Valley that will not adhere to the safety bike riding rules. I wonder where the parents of these boys are? I feel if you know your child is spending a lot of time on their bike you should ensure that they know bike safety rules.


This goes out to the person who threw the little bitty yellow tiger kitten out on Rte. 96B last week. I just wanted you to know that no thanks to you, the kitten has been taken care of at the cost of almost $100 in vet bills because his face was all messed up.

The speed trap on the long steep hill of Glann Road is extremely lucrative. A real shakedown apparatus for anyone going even 21 miles per hour. As a long time resident of this county, I wish equal police diligence was given to missing persons, hundreds of unsolved burglaries and flourishing meth labs in this county.


I was wondering if anybody would like to buy a house in Owego and if not, how about the Brooklyn Bridge.


To the person who stole the 4-foot blow up pumpkin from my yard Halloween night in Apalachin, you could bring it back. You ruined my grandsons Halloween.

I live in Newark Valley. Some people have to get up early and go to bed early. There is hardly a night that goes by when we don't hear loud instruments playing on Route 38.

Would the fellow with the old, light colored car with the blue door please return my bowling bag, ball, shoes and towel. Perhps you thought I put it out for you, but I put it out there while waiting for my ride to go bowling at 11:45. It was not at the curb but in my driveway on my property. If you return it I will not press charges.


Who is the genleman who couldn't afford the ring because he had to buy dounts?


I just wanted to voice my opinion on the topless picnics in Owego. I find it quite disgusting that they choose to do this and do it in our historical district and to do it while children are still on the streets.

With all the stories lately on TV about black mold being dangerous for people's health I wonder if it's healthy to be washing clothes at the Owego Laundrymat. The ceiling has a lot of black mold on the ceiling tiles. Someone should check on this.


This is in response to the person who called in regarding smelling people with cheap perfume in the grocery store. Get a life.


I would like to know if anyone knows who we would call to have the park in Campville paved.


I am very upset with the fire department sticking their boots in people's faces as they go down the highway. Also, since when do the stores have to proof 59-year-old people to buy a case of beer? I really wonder what this world is coming to.


Governor Pataki can't pass a New York State budget on time, yet he proposes to give $12,000 a year to the families and friends of victims of the World Trade Center disaster. How do we know that we will not be funding the education of families and friends of the terrorists?


I'm absolutely shocked that Candor High School teachers would allow fifteen, sixteen and seventeen year olds to consume alcoholic beverages while on a school trip to another country. I hope we see something done about this.


To the person who has been tossing the Keystone Light beer cans out of his car along Mountain Road on a regular basis, know that you are being watched. We have a cadre of kids watching for your license plate number and you will be reported. Littering is a crime.

Concerning the buffalo that have been seen along Route 38. I think it's kind of neat. Something different. Beats looking at garbage and criminals.

Once again, a school basketball team stays with the starting five. The opposing team had just six players and beat the team with a full bench. A senior never had playing time in his last school game. I think it's time for new rules and maybe a different coaching staff.

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